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Technical reports 545-570

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Enhancing the quality of sponsored research predictors of success
Usability engineering our experience and evolution
Contextualism as a world hypothesis for the reformation of meetings
Home office management HOM feasibility study proposal
Computer suppliers view of the intelligent network
Error characteristics of FDDI
Digital versus Apollo networking a comparative analysis part II
VAXstation 2000 quality study (This report contains the findings of a quality study investigating the VAXstations 2000. This study was conducted on behalf of the VAX Workstations Engineering Business Planning Group)
Local area networks general purpose and PC LANs 19861991
Guidelines for the online presentation of text and menus
Digitals PC interconnect products versus 3Com and Novell a product comparison and selling strategy
Indexing and retrieval of documents automated techniques and strategies
User interface consistency in the DECwindows program
Digital Equipment Corporation/Sun Microsystems Incorporated competitive study
Delay-based approach for congestion avoidance in interconnected heterogeneous computer networks
Ergonomic office focus groups key findings
Measured capacity of an Ethernet myths and reality
KBS development tools study final report


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