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Technical reports 754-800

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


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This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Time domain simulation of multiconductor transmission lines with frequency dependent losses
eXperimental High Speed Channel XHSC final report
Multimetal TAB tape comparison an electrical study
Electrical modeling AMP SPA interposer
Approximate deltaI noise model for simultaneous switching in IC packages
Multiheaded VAXstation system for system and network management applications
Asymptotically tight bounds for computing with faulty arrays of processors
Human factors testing of VAX 4000 Model 300 expanded dual-host system installation
Digital vs. IBM networking a strategic and functional comparison
Dynamic optimization of a single table access
Specifying groupware requirements from direct experience
Text-based architecture current inventory
Enterprise services infrastructure: a vision for the 90s
From databases to knowledge bases: some first steps in query processing
VAX 9000 design and development of the cabinet diffuser
A principle of commitment ordering, or guaranteeing serializability in a heterogeneous environment of multiple autonomous resource-managers
Final report and strength of ceramic packages feasibility of replacement of aluminum heatsinks with aluminum nitride heatsinks
Making of Designing dialog boxes for Motif the video
Participatory design of a portable torquefeedback device
Synthesizing artistic participatory and scientistic approaches to presence technology
Software usability engineering FY91 review
Electromigration physical modeling of failure in thin film structures
Performance modeling of computer systems the petri net approach
Release analysis VMS V55
Workstations competitive product study
Performance of VMS primitive operations on the VAX 4000-300 and VAX 4000-200
Improved unnesting algorithms for join aggregate SQL queries
Cost saving opportunities with multichip modules
Test generation a boundary scan implementation for module interconnect testing
Workstation environment for boundary scan interconnect testing
Product information access system for verification test diagnosis and repair of electronic assemblies
Tin based TAB assembly process
A Way to avoid stress singularities in multimaterial elastic bodies


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