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Technical reports 801-867

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Electrical modeling and frequency measurement of a separable pad array connector
Bonding quality and bending stiffness
Liquid nitrogen cooling in a CMOS computer system
Process based cost modeling
Microelectronics and a forgotten theory
Electromagnetic modeling of computer systems for information security
Stress models for a single chip package
Measurement of the complex permittivity of PC board
Effects of losses on signals in PWBs
Thermal stresses in axisymmetric bimterial assemblies multichip modules
High performance tape package
hybrid method for the calculation of the resistance and inductance of transmission lines with arbitrary cross sections
Integrated matrix creep application to accelerated testing and lifetime prediction
Testing connections to static RAMs
Electromagnetic radiation from a VLSI package and heatsink configuration
Constitutive relation and creep fatigue life model for eutectic tinlead solder
VLSI test white paper
new standard radiator for shielding effectiveness measurements
architecture for extending the IEEE standard 11491 test access port to system backplanes
Random sampling from pseudoranked B trees
EMI modeling of air vents and slots in shielded cabinets
Competitive analysis of LSI NGINE module
Materials analysis for Intel 80486 competitive analysis
Materials analysis for the Intel 1860 competitive analysis
Extended commitment ordering or guaranteeing global serializability by applying commitment order selectively to global transactions
commitment order coordinator COCO of a Resource Manager
Locking based strict commitment ordering SCO
Computational fluid dynamic analysis of a cleanroom
Designing for structural integrity of ceramic IC packages
Aluminum nitride heatsinks for CTE compatibility to ceramic IC packages
Red flag issues in managing a multivendor environment
Design and process considerations for heatsink attach
Commitment ordering based distributed concurrency control for bridging single and multi version resources
Analysis of the placement process for fine pitch assembly materials process and data
Requirements for optical interconnects in future computer systems
Efficient techniques for inductance extraction of complex 3D geometries
nonlinear transmission line model for superconducting stripline resonators
Achieving software usability a managers guide
Interlaminar stresses in layered beams
Electrical optical interconnects on CPU modules


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