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Technical reports 868-905

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Archambeault, Bruce

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC); Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Technical Administration & Operations Group


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Performance engineering throughout the product life cycle
The dynamic two phase commitment (D2PC) protocol
Predicting solder joint reliability model validation
Prediction of connectors long term performance from accelerated thermal aging tests
Environmental testing of elastomeric connectors
EMI prediction using wire mesh boxes in NEC
CMIS application system testing and verification
CMIS on-line application system performance and scalability
Engineering work accomplished for the GTE Mobil Communications account (GTEMC) technical management summary
Making the X Window system accessible to people with disabilities
Coupling simulations for passively aligned optical interconnect arrays
FastHenry: a multipole-accelerated 3-D inductance extraction program
Predicting EMI emission levels using EMSCAN
Flat panel displays technology overview and near-term recommendations
Successful QFD application at Digital Equipment Corporation unique approaches and applications of QFD to address business needs
Shielded air vent design guidelines from EMI modeling
Optimization of FDTD for EMI modeling applications
FDTD modeling of the resonance characteristics of realistic enclosures
A semi-analytical model for the thermal response matrix of an array of components surface mounted to a composite substrate
Electrochemical study of “no-clean flux” corrosivity
Translation of stress states into reliability terms
Application of computational fluid dynamics to cleanroom design
FY93 final E97 reports interconnects sector
FY93 final E97 reports micropackaging sector


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