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PDP-11 and other manuals and training guides

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This box contains the following manuals:
DL11 asynchronous line interface manual
DL11-W serial line unit/realtime clock option maintenance manual
MSV11-L user guide
BA11-K mounting box user’s manual
DR11-B/DA11-B manual
RSX-11M operator’s procedures manual (1976)
RSX-11M operator’s procedures manual (1977)
RJP05/06 moving head disk subsystem maintenance manual
Introduction to RSX-11M
RSX-11M task builder reference manual
RSX-11M executive reference manual
RSX-11M/RSX-11S documentation directory
RSX-11D ODT-11 procedures manual
RSX-11D system test procedures manual
RSX-11M/RSX-11S release notes
RSX-11M beginner’s guide
IAS/RSX-11 ODT reference manual
PDP-11 family field installation and hardware acceptance reference manual
Introduction to programming the PDP-11 by Donald S Lawrence Jr.
PDP-11/70 maintenance and installation manual
PDP-11/70 memory system maintenance guide by Robert Brassard
DH11 asynchronous 16-line multiplexer maintenance manual
DUP11 bit synchronous interface maintenance manual
RT-11 software support manual
DPV 11 serial synchronous interface user guide
BATCH-11 user’s guide for use with BATCH-11 version V008 PD-P11 operating system
DOS/BATCH Assembler( MACRO) programmer’s manual for the DOS/BATCH operating system
PDP11 Link-11 Linker programmer’s manual for the disk operating system
PDP11 system specification
BATCH-11/DOS-11 Linker (Link-11) and Librarian (Libr-11) for the batch operating system and disk operating system
PDP-11 FORTRAN IV compiler (V004A) and object time system (V020A) functional specification
PDP-11/05, 11/10 10 ½ inch mounting box and power system
FORTRAN IV-PLUS object time system reference manual
DL11-W serial line unit/real-time clock option operator’s manual
KG11-A exclusive-OR and CRC block check manual
KD11-EA central processor maintenance manual
Industrial basic language reference manual
Introduction to minicomputers books 1 through 7




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