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Rainbow, VAX, and other manuals and training guides

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


This box contains the following manuals:
11MDS-A system hardware manual
ALL-IN-1 application programming guide
ALL-IN-1 application programming reference volume 1
DEC VTX installation guide
DECwrite for OS/2 user's guide
DIGITAL VAX 11/750 magic book
KA630-AA CPU module user's guide
MS88-CA memory upgrade installation guide
PDP-11/35 (BA11-DA, DB 10 1/2 inch mounting box) system manual
PDP-11/35 (BA11-DA, DB 10 1/2 inch mounting box) system user's manual
Professional 350-380 upgrade guide installation instructions
PDP-8 user's handbook
Rainbow numeric data co-processor (8087) installation guide
Rainbow technical character set installation and programmer's guide
Rainbow Winchester disk option diagnostic test messages
RD53-D, -R fixed disk drive subsystem owner's manual
RD54-D, -R fixed disk drive subsystem owner's manual
TA79, TU79 magnetic tape subsystem owner's manual
TA90 magnetic tape subsystem owner's manual
TU81/TA81 and TU81 PLUS subsystem user's guide
Unibus troubleshooting user's manual
Update notice #1 update to RSX-11 utilities procedures manual
Update notice VAX diagnostic design guide
Update notice VAX diagnostic supervisor user's guide
VAX 8200/8300 maintenance advisory
VAX 8500 system maintenance advisory
VAX 8600 system upgrade procedure
VAX 8600/8650 EMM technical description
VAX 8600/8650 SBIA technical description
VAX 8600/8650 system hardware user's guide
VAX 8600/8650 system power technical description
VAX 8800 system machine check interpretation guide
VAX 8800 system printset interpretation guide
VAX maintenance handbook VAX systems
VAX-11/730 diagnostic overview manual
VAX-11/730 IDC technical description
VAX11/750 microdiagnostic reference manual
VAXstation 3100 Model 76 owner's guide
VT100 tempest user guide
VT200 video system hardware specification preliminary
XVM hardware XVM software XVM upgrades
XVM/RSX system manual


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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