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Human Factors technical reports 80-001 - 81-016

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ca. 1970; 1980-1984; 1990-1992


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Human Factors; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Industrial Design


This box contains reports labeled as GDL (guidelines) and INF (information), in addition to technical reports (TR). The first two folders contain guidelines and information reports, and the rest of the folders contain technical reports.

1) GDL 00-001 - 00-006, 90-01, 72-001, and 83-001 - 83-002 filed in this order:
Human factors design handbook : information and design of systems, facilities, equipment, and products for human use
VT330 GS evaluation
VT330 font evaluation form
Font design guidelines
GS sticker requirements
Guide for user interface design with DECvoice
Human engineering guide to equipment design

2) INF 00-001 - 00-007, 82-002, 90-02, 91-03 - 91-04, and 92-1, filed in this order:
Portable computer systems
How to initialize a videotape
Here's a way to get direct turntable sound onto a videocassette
Aerospace systems
Perpetual thresholds for display delays during single and multiple keystroking
Competitive CI criterion
Competitive analysis evaluation checklist
Underseat storage on airlines
Report detailing meeting with TUV product service (ergonomic issues)
HF questionnaire : defining LEDs for TLZ06
Trip report detailing CHI '91 conference
Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference '92 trip report

The rest of the folders in this box consist of TR 80-001 - 81-016, filed in this order:
3) 200 family human factors information and requirements
4) Display format
5) WS 200 word processor keyboard H. F.
6) Observation of IBM electronic typewriter 50
7) Force and displacement
8) Comparison of the German standards display characters with the VT100 display characters
9) Keyboard (profile, slope, thickness, width, depth)
10) Rely on further questions on display enhancement coding
11) Visual enhancement technique
12) Cursor
13) Scrolling
14) Feedback
15) Surface finish of the key tops
16) Human factors strategy
17) Translation of interesting workshop
18) 7.4 form factor and layout
19) Visual enhancement techniques
20) Some roles for human factors in enhancing office productivity
21) Observations on LQP02 installation
22) Human factors evaluation of LQP02 documentation
23) Proposed label for setting LQP02 system configuration switches
24) LA120-RA installation guide evaluation
25) Human factors evaluation of VT100 tilt/swivel base
26) A biomechanical evaluation; Ergonomic evaluation of keyboard angles : a biomechanical and questionnaire study
27) Audit on DECmate owner's guide
28) DECmate audit report
29) Human factors development : fiscal year 81 summary
30) Experimental results do not support some ergonomic standards for computer video terminal design
31) Keyboard standards study
32) CT100 keyboard human factors
33) Keyboard color study
34) Return key and delete key
35) Key command analysis of the VT100 WP and competitors


Technical Report

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Human Factors Department usability and ergonomics studies


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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