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Human Factors technical reports 82-025 - 83-030

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Human Factors; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Industrial Design


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
1) Comparative analysis on chairs
2) Human factors evaluation on the termstand
3) Chairs
4) Workplaces : human factors
5) Photo analysis on visual distance of VDT
6) A survey for a prototype copyholder attachment for the CT monitor
7) Individual differences in user-computer systems : IV
8) Exception key learning analysis
9) Customer installation of Pluto
10) Customer installability of VMS
11) LA12 customer installation evaluation
12) Human factors evaluation of Canon and Ricoh laser printers
13) Rainbow 50 keyboard evaluation
14) LA12 customer installation evaluation
15) LCN customer installability evaluation
16) Rainbow hard disk installation evaluation
17) Rainbow Winchester cable customer installability test
18) H4000 customer installability evaluation
19) MicroPDP-11 with rack mount, user test, RT-11, and BASIC : installation test results
20) Results of customer installation testing of PC350 options
21) Rainbow "day one" test results
22) Human factors evaluation of the LA10X-SF automatic sheet feeder user guide
23) MicroVAX I customer installation test results
24) Microswitch labeling issues
25) MicroPDP-11 labeling for international markets
26) Pluto installation audit
27) Pluto user's guide : chapter 1
28) Poseidon's LED and power switch
29) Current industrial design issues on Poseidon
30) Leaning weight on VT220 monitor
31) Packaging issues
32) Rear panel of the ethernet repeater
33) Recommended package weight for the TU58
34) Warning label for VAXpallet
35) Human factors evaluation of LN03 printer
36) CBI evaluation
37) Ergonomic presence in Europe
38) Office taxonomy initial model
39) CRT display


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Human Factors Department usability and ergonomics studies


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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