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Human Factors technical reports 84-029 - 85-043

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Human Factors; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Industrial Design


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
1) A brief trip report on NCC '84 in Las Vegas
2) Screen design and keyboard recommendations for A-to-Z
3) Business computer "day one" results
4) Competitive analysis of STR keyboard
5) Cursor control study results
6) Cartridge load and unload procedures for Maya
7) Maya rocker switch and LEDs : human factors recommendations
8) Competitive customer installability : Rainbow versus the competition
9) IBM PC AT customer installability evaluation
10) LA60 customer installability evaluation
11) VR260 anti-glare treatment evaluation results
12) Rainbow office workstation installation evaluation
13) Results of scanner paper loading evaluation
14) Glare filter preference : effects of glare, brightness, sharpness, and contrast
15) AIM prototype evaluation report
16) Human factors concerns with S-box
17) MicroVAX II installation observations
18) A-to-Z data management : brief human factors review of the SPEC
19) Preliminary "day one" testing of Belchfire
20) Results of the "Configuration Exercise"
21) Results of VS2XX customer installation testing
22) Human factors testing of the System for Office Administration (SFOA)
23) Report on the human factors evaluation of the PC500 preliminary option installation guides
24) Installation testing of the VAXmate handbook and option installation guides
25) PCxx handbook field test draft evaluation
26) Evaluation of the MS-DOS portion of the PCxx user guide
27) Human Factors test plan for "day one" testing of the VACmate handbook and option installation guide
28) Redesign and human factors test of the MicroVAX/QVSS interface
29) Graphic representation of data : a design method
30) Human modeling of the operator-process interface
31) Techniques for displaying multivariate data
32) Observations on the MCC human interface : PTAC presentations
33) Corporate skins non-verbal installation instructions
34) PHONEserver hardware installation test
35) Progress in FY'85 on symbols test development
36) LA260 symbols study report
37) Progress on installation instructions
38) MicroBASIS field test results : part 3
39) Preliminary results of HF testing of microBASIS software and documentation
40) Human interface program
41) VT200 keyboard article from InterOffice
42) PCxx symbols study
43) Mouse evaluation test, VS270 system evaluation
44) BMC cable length study
45) A brief customer installation test report on PCxx hardware
46) Report on the Human Factors evaluation of the PC500 preliminary option installation guides
47) Key-Tech trip report
48) A-to-Z communications developers
49) Human Factors testing of the System for Office Administration (SFOA)
50) A-to-Z communications : problem areas from the no-documentation test


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Human Factors Department usability and ergonomics studies


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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