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Human Factors technical reports 86-027 - 87-032

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Human Factors; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Industrial Design


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
1) Proposed new interface for TK50 and/or TK70
2) Proposed new interface for TK50 and/or TK70 : take two
3) Comparison of three versions of the TK50 interface : results of human factors testing
4) Results of TK50 cartridge human factors testing
5) Results of LA75 customer installability evaluation
6) Results of LA250 paper loading test
7) Human factors review of VAXmate service diagnostics
8) Installation of LA75 automatic sheet feeder
9) Results of second LA250 paper loading test
10) Human factors evaluation of Panda fonts
11) Office automation demographic source book
12) Tactics and strategies for improved office productivity : addendum and summary
13) LP29 installation
14) Secretarial workstation specification (rev. 0.1)
15) Label legibility report for the TF30 tape drive
16) Results of the OEM bulkhead kits testing
17) Preliminary evaluation of BA2xx module design guide
18) L29 documentation
19) Module design examples
20) MCC icon set
21) Results of the BA27 human factors testing
22) A question of color in Digital's manuals
23) Results of human factors testing of the EDC Galway packaging
24) On secretaries and system administration
25) Human factors evaluation of the IBM industrial computer 7552
26) Label legibility report for the TF30 tape drive
27) Human factors second testing of TK70 handle label
28) Human factors testing of label for TK70 handle
29) Results of human factors testing of the Sbox upgrade manuals
30) Comparison of TK50 and TK70 tape drive interfaces
31) Human factors installation testing of EL VT32 terminal
32) Human factors re-test of VT320 installation
33) Human factors evaluation of IBM system II keyboard
34) MSD installation task force : findings and recommended actions
35) Evaluation of Microswitch/Honeywell keyboard
36) PVAX desk area and display height analysis
37) Project management facility screens
38) Results of LJ250 help card testing
39) Human factors evaluation of LN03R
40) Human factors competitive analysis of European video terminals
41) Results of LN04 human factors testing


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Human Factors Department usability and ergonomics studies


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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