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Human Factors technical reports 89-029 - 90-27

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Human Factors; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Industrial Design


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
1) Human factors evaluation of installation of PCSA version 3.0
2) Human factors test results of LA324 MultiPrinter and LA324 pedestal "day one testing"
3) Human factors testing of four TF85 front panel designs
4) Human factors testing of DECvoice (1.10) : continuous word recognition with VPC algorithms
5) Competitive software analysis : an analysis of six desktop publishing applications for ease of learning, ease of use, and functionality
6) Human factors evaluation of the RDAT tape drive
7) Some human factors comments on the optical system on-line diagnostic
8) Human factors concerns for hardware
9) Human factors report : testing of PCLAN/Server VMS 3.0
10) Interface-design recommendations for the DECwindows implementation of VAX EDCS
11) Usability testing of DECview3D
12) Human factors installation and software usability testing of VT1000 terminal
13) Review of the XNET user interface
14) Some preliminary comments on DECtrade control window dialog boxes
15) Some comments on the DECtrade system management configure procedure
16) Human factors re-test of VT1000 memory upgrade
17) Human factors installation testing of VT420 terminal
18) Results of human factors study of VE mouse with Burgess switches
19) Results of long-term testing of Honeywell 3270 keyboard
20) Results of human factors testing of LK401 keyboard
21) Results of long-term testing of LK401 keyboard
22) Results of human factors testing of Honeywell model 3270 keyboard with tactile rubber dome
23) Some comments on Emerald BL2
24) User interface evaluation of National Australia Bank (DECvoice-based application)
25) Using the video equipment in the human factors lab
26) Emerald BL2 : human factors test results and recommendations
27) Usability report of pilot versions of the XSEL and XNET tools
28) Human factors day one testing of VAX 4000 (Pele) : results and recommendations
29) Human factors recommendations for QIC tape drive indicators
30) Human factors observations : users loading a TF85 tape in a TK50
31) Human factors testing of the TLZ04 (RDAT) owner's manual
32) Career America application : DECvoice application
33) Color palette for DECtrade
34) Human factors report : survey of PCSA customers
35) Human factors evaluation of MAILSTUFF
36) Human factors competitive analysis of 3 CD ROM drives
37) Evaluation of Pele storage elements
38) Human factors observations on the Calyx enclosure
39) Push-pull forces for operation of display tilt mechanism
40) Human factors testing of handling and installing a TF85 drive into Pele
41) Usability testing of Pennsylvania Power & Light's PAL (Power Assistance Line)
42) Results of human factors evaluation of the MACAW user interface prototype 0.5
43) Results of human factors "Day-1" testing of LPS20 PrintServer
44) Results of human factors testing of DECprint printing services software
45) Human factors observations and recommendations for TF837 magazine tape subsystem
46) Human factors evaluation of floppy/hard drive disk drive symbol
47) Human factors recommendations on the documentation maps
48) Human factors review of DECwindows configuration utility
49) DEC LanWORKS v4.0 beta field test : human factors customer visits
50) TF70L human factors recommendations


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Human Factors Department usability and ergonomics studies


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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