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CRS 0218 - 0244

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Market Information Services Group


This box contains the following Custom Research Service reports (the report name changes to "Consulting and Research Service" mid-box):, filed in the same order as this list:

Folder 1:
Technical OEM survey : 1989
The color hard copy market
Applications consulting at Metaphor
Financial analysis of systems integrators

Folder 2:
DECdecision field survey
Executive Decisions/VM : IBM's EIS product
IBM data interpretation system : bringing Metaphor to the PS/2
Teaching an old dog new tricks : application system and SAA
Graphical user interface competitive overview
Case update lower case software : competitive IBM products
Digital's pricing, discount, and allowance policies and practices : external views

Folder 3:
Subcontracting policies : organization, training, performance measurement issues
Analysis of Digital's July 1989 announcements
The market for desktop service
Facilities management
Metaphor sales and marketing customer case studies
IAI MVI connection : connecting Metaphor to the VAX

Folder 4:
Graphics market study
Direct order channels : a competitive overview
Winning in the small business market
Use of Digital PR materials by the press

Folder 5:
Voice services opportunities in the general international area
Digital's pricing, discount, and allowance policies and practices : sales force and customer perspectives


Analyst Reports; Technical Report

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Market research analyst reports


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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