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Systems Research Center reports 066-086

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Lamport, Leslie; Cardelli, Luca; Abadi, Martin; Abadie, J. M.

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Systems Research Center


This box contains the following technical reports, filed in the same order as this list:
Composing specifications
Authentication and delegation with smart-cards
Trestle reference manual
Trestle tutorial
A Calculus for access control in distributed systems
Trading space for time in undirected s-t connectivity
LM3: a Larch interface language for Modula-3 a definition and introduction version 1.0
Decidability and expressiveness for first-order logics of probability
Introduction to LCL, a Larch/C interface language
Zeus: a system for algorithm animation and multi-view editing
Color and sound in algorithm animation
Automatic reconfiguration in Autonet
Using transformations and verification in circuit design
The temporal logic of actions
An extension of System F with subtyping
Extensible records in a pure calculus of subtyping
A guide to LP, the Larch prover
Authentication in distributed systems: theory and practice
Graphical fisheye views of graphs
Online data compression in a log-structured file system
A logical view of composition


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Technical reports: Systems Research Center reports


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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