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S/DMS Transport Node

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Northern Telecom

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Identifying Numbers

Other number EEE-021-MX6 On barcode label on top right front of front panel
Part number NT4K1030 Rel 01 On paper label on inside top of front panel
Part number NT4K1933 Rel 01 On paper label on inside right of front panel
Part number NT4K19AA On paper label top left of chassisnt panel
Serial number A200803471 On paper label on right outside of chassis


overall: 16 1/2 in x 25 3/4 in x 12 1/4 in


This a metal chassis open only at the front with 26 slots for PC cards.
It is populated with 12 cards, 3 of which are double width.
At the top of the card cage is a hinged panel that labels the slot types (not the card types).
Above the card cage is a panel with 26 connector slots and 2 D.C. power connectors on the right. 3 of the connector slots have dual BNC connector, 8 slots on the right have DB style connects, all of which have their cables cut, and the rest of the slots have blank panels. Each connect slot has a hinged panel that hangs down in front and labelsthe type of connection.
On the left side of the card cage is a vertical column of mixed 9 DB25 and5 DB9 connectors, all of which are labelled as to their function. 2 of the DB9 connectors labelled "CNET" have what appears to be termination plugs. 2 of the DB 25 connects have cables that go across the channel between card cage and connector slot that are cut on the right side of the chassis. There is a gray plastic front panel that clips onto the fron of the casssis with labels taped on that says "SOC. 765 SCID. NYC039 OC12 MTVWCAHN MTVWCA11",
"CO. NE. 7508 RT. NE. 7510"
"FIBER G1 F05, 53-54 G2 F04, 53-54"

There are also 2 AT&T acquisition barcode labels on the top right of the front panel




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