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German IBM technology sample kit

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Object is a carrying case containing a two trays. The upper tray, designed for hanging on a wall, displays computer components and the lower printed materials, a VHS tape and a 30x microscope. The kit was intended for visual presentations of IBM computer technology within the context of its historical development. For example, the history of memory technology is shown, as is the development of switching techology from the vacuum tube to microprocessors. The upper tray has 13 compartments each containing a separate removable computer component. The tray is covered with a plexiglass sheet on which the German names of the components are printed: Silizium [silicon], Quarzsand [quartz sand], Wafer, Chip-Entwichlung [chip development], Mehrschicht-Keramiktrager [multi-layer ceramic substrate], Mehrschicht-Leiterplatte (Ausschnitt) [multi-layer printed circuit board (detail)], MST-Karte [MST card] Halbleiterspeicher [semiconductor memor], Speicher-Modul 512 K-bit [512-K bit memory module], Speicher-Modul 1 Megabit [1-megabit memory module], Magnetplatte (Ausschnitt) [magnetic disk (detail)], Rohrensteckeinheit [tube plug-in unit], SMS-Karte [SMS card], Kernsteicherebene [core memory], and SLT-Karte [SLT card].
The lower tray has six compartments containing three books, a set of 30 printed transparencies, a VHS tape ("Was im Computer steckt" [What's in a computer]), and a 30x microscope for viewing the components in the upper tray. The books, all softbound, are: Computer-Technologie Textbuch ([74]pp., IBM punch card inserted inside the back cover); Chips-Die Technik unserer Zeit [Chips-The technology of our time] (175pp.); and Die Grundlage der Daten-Verarbeitung [Foundations of data processing] (94pp. plus printed survey form inserted inside the back cover). The set of transparencies is in a folder titled Computer-Technologie Folien [Computer technology films].



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Stuttgart, Germany


overall: 3 1/8 in x 20 3/4 in x 20 in




Gift of Jeremy Norman

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