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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

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File number 6073 DEC identification number




Publicity photographs; Snapshot

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Still images: Negatives

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102760886 19" rack and modules
1027608605- and 10-year pins awarded to special systems group
102760837 844 power control
102760835 AC control box
102761105Aerial shots of DEC facilities
102761017 Aerial shots of Galway plant
102760838Annual Christmas turkey gift
102761173 Application shots at Federal-Mogul
102761049AR11 module
102761127 Artist's rendering of PK3
102761050Artist's rendering of PK3 interiors
102761175 BA11-K
102760889 BATCH-15
102761016BC07-A, B, C, and D cables
102760856 BC40-F and BC90-F cables
102761026BM873 module
102761091 Business products
102760831BX-14S A
102760844 Cables and connectors
102761187Candid shots of Al Michaels
102761170 Candid shots of Eli Glazer
102761159Candid shots of export department at PK3 and Westminster facilities
102761097 Candid shots of Jim Bell
102760879Candid shots of PDP-11 marketing personnel
102760839 Candid shots of the PDP-8 group
102760841Candid shots of the PDP-8 group
102760855 CERN system
102761113Charlie Manchester and family
102761008 Chicago sales office artist's rendering
102760882Circuit boards with colored gels
102761067 Co-op students at Spelman College
102761032Co-op students with Ken Olsen
102761142 Components group
102761064Copy center at PK3
102760828 CR10F card reader and TU40 magtape transport
102761076Crates labeled "software"
102760883 CU5 camera
102760867Damaged Honeywell equipment
102761082 Danish Technical Institute tour at PK3
102761089Data Tech multimeter
102761056 DC71 and DC72 remote stations
102761104Dean of BU and education committee
102761119 DEC 100 awards at Chatham Bars Inn
102761045DEC facilities, PDP-10, Intel, University of Texas
102760863 DEC omnibus and PDP-8/E
102761033DEC truck rodeo
102760884 DEC trucks logo contest
102761046DECdata 500
102761058 DECdatasystem-500
102761057 DEClab-11/10
102761043 DECpacks and accessories
102761155 DECsystem-10
102761023DECsystem-10 at RCA
102761130 DECsystem-10 at University of Mississippi
102761167DECUS poster
102761004 DECUS staff, PDP-8/L, Teletype, and paper tape
102761080DECwireset 8000
102761051 DF11CA module
102761137DX-10 and DM-10
102761027 Education brochure
102761042Education brochures
102760989 Edusystem teaching aides and books
102761115Edutech curriculum package
102760824 Eduvan, Framingham North High School, PDP-8/E, VT05, TU56, scanner, and Teletype
102761179Emhart Control System II
102761111 Epoxy glue used in assembly
102761133Federal Home Loan Bank
102761024 Field service test equipment
102761143G110 module
102760868 G401 memory module
102761156GAMMA-11 and VT01
102761007 GAMMA-11 scope shots
102760986GT40 assembly, DECpack, PDP-11/40, DECgraphic-11/40, group shots
102761083 GT40 display with scope shots
102760992GT40 scope shots
102760999 GT42
102761131GT42 display and keyboard
102761168 H321 and H323
102761151H322 circuit board
102761070 H322 signal panel
102761038H739 power supply
102761183 H7420 power supply
102761140H742C power supply
102761060 H746-IPB
102760849Ham radio club
102761160 Hardware logic products
102761129I/O modules
102761172 IEEE meeting
102760873Industrial products group
102761022 INDUSTRIAL-14 components
102761019INDUSTRIAL-14 controller and H762 power supply
102760984 INDUSTRIAL-8 and INDUSTRIAL-11
102760853Interface products
102761126 Jack Shields at luncheon
102760990K series module assembly, candids of personnel
102760995 K303 Flip-Chips
102760852Kanata facility rendering
102761093 KC8-HA
102761114Ken Olsen and Father Robert Drinan
102761047 Ken Olsen signing contracts with other men
102761189Kent County Memorial Hospital
102761036 KI10 with TU55 and H725
102761003KL10 xor tester
102761101 KL10-TA
102761181KM8-A module
102761153 KMP-01 module back panel
102761100Knitting mills
102760991 La Bell unit
102760847 LA30
102761158LA30 and LA36 tape heads
102760834 LA30 keyboard
102760846LA30 tester
102761040 LA36
102761087 LA36
102761084LA36 assemblies
102761116 LA36 keyboard and power module
102761092LA36 power board tester
102761102 LA36 power board tester
102761095LA36 with Nova
102760985 LAB-11 system scope shots
102761018Labell unit
102761150 Line printer printout with stethoscope
102761117LK02 keyboard
102761185 LK11 box
102760996Logistics dept. tour of managers at H.H. Scott, VT05, candid shots of logistics dept.
102761075 LP01 scope shots
102761086M1801 and M1623 modules
102761107 M7261 board
102761054M7344-YC module
102761048 M7345 module
102761041M7722 module for the LA36
102760832 Mag wheel
102761177Magnetic head
102761110 Marlboro components group
102761108Marlboro Tower building
102761176 Massbus
102761015Memories module
102761002 Microfiche brochure
102761052Microprocessor control panel with module
102761037 Microprocessor monitor control panel with modules
102760874MIT professors signing contract in Ken Olsen's office
102761135 MK8-A module for PDP-8
102760876MM11 memory test
102760864 Modules
102761109Modules and other items
102761062 MPS modules
102760987MPS-10 introduction with Ken Olsen and Andrew Knowles
102761144 MR8-A read-only memory module
102760887MUMPS-11, VT05, RK05, LA30, TU10, DECpack, and lineprinter
102761157 NDSC Dec 10 group shot
102761188NDSC group shot
102761134 Open house at Marlboro
102761044Paper tape and printer
102761029 Parker Street facilities and helicopter
102761072PBC Telephone Inst., New England Telephone
102761121 PC04, PC05, and RP10
102761053PDP-10 application shots
102760857 PDP-10, Teletype ASR-33, line printer, and card reader
102760842PDP-11 being shipped out
102761166 PDP-11 education materials
102760885PDP-11 marketing group
102760859 PDP-11 system for NASA
102761014PDP-11, PDP-8/M, and PDP-8/E
102761006 PDP-11, VT05
102760836 PDP-11/03
102760843PDP-11/03 on Ken Olsen's desk and on scales
102760875 PDP-11/05
102761013PDP-11/05 and TU60
102761146 PDP-11/35 and VT50
102761031PDP-11/35 control box
102761055 PDP-11/40
102761059PDP-11/45 console board module
102760866 PDP-12
102761074PDP-14/30 test setup
102761118 PDP-15 demo machine
102761061PDP-15 system
102761182 PDP-15/C
102761171 PDP-8/A
102761178 PDP-8/A packaging and power supply
102761071PDP-8/A small computer
102760822 PDP-8/E
102761098 PDP-8/E
102760881 PDP-8/E superimposed onto a circuit board
102760862PDP-8/E tabletop unit
102761186 PDP-8/L panel lock
102761090PDP-8/L two-bay system with Steve Kallis
102760829 PDP-8/M
102760877PDP-8/M EDUsystem-5 and EDUsystem-15
102761103 People recruiting brochure
102760993PK3 ground-level shot, DEC sign in winter
102760997 PMK01
102761174Poster for DEC Ski Club
102761106 PR68 paper tape reader
102761010 Purchase specs layout
102760865Quick-disconnect connector
102761030 Red Cross blood drive
102761123Retirement party for Katy Perigo
102760840 RK05 DECpack
102760830RK05 disk drive
102761085 Rob Orr Arden candid shots
102761138RP04 xor tester
102760871 RP10C, RP02, and RP03
102761161 RS03 parts procedure
102760994RS04 module
102761162 RS08-TA
102760888RS09 tester
102761028 RS09 timing track writer
102760878RS64 timing track writer
102761122 Salem land site artist's renderings
102760833Sales class
102760988 SDC group and warehouse
102761020Small machine parts
102761094 Softball championship
102761012Software, documents, paper tapes, DECpacks, and other products
102761068 Spares handbook
102761169Standard PDP-8/E system
102760845 Students
102760869Switch panel
102761078 Teacher and students
102761005Ted Johnson with others
102761163 Tektronics 465 scope
102761112Trade show booth
102761139 TS03 drive
102760870TU10 connector panel
102761088 TU10 ind. panel and TU40 control panel
102761001TU15 xor tester
102761073 TU16
102760850 TU56
102760854 UB10-C display
102760827UDC-11 module
102761141 Unidentified groups and individuals demonstrating computers and presenting at podium
102761165Various modules
102761145 Various peripherals
102761164VT01 and VT05 scope shots
102761125 VT01 scope shots
102760880 VT05 with display for Dutch stock market
102761184VT05 xor tester
102760823 VT07
102760826VT07 keyboard assembly
102761149 VT14 test setup
102761021VT14, H792 and H1500 power supplies
102760998 VT15 and VT04 scope shots
102761011VT20 video display Typeset
102761035 VT20B
102761180VT20B scope shots
102761124 VT20B with Nancy Coady
102761152 VT50
102761079VT50 scope shots
102761148 VT50 video terminal and scope shots
102761009VT50, TU56, DECpack
102761154 Washoe County Admin., Nevada, and San Diego
102761099Westminster warehouse facility rendering
102761132 Wheaton Business School, Penn.
102760861Wire wrap terminal