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Varian, Melinda; Thatcher, Richard; Grad, Burt; North, Ken; Bauer, Walter F..; Johnson, Luanne; Goetz, Martin A.; Keet, Lee; Kolence, Kenneth; Piscopo, Joseph; Whitlow, Duane; Hoyle, Michelle A.; Chapuis, Robert J.; Joel, Jr., Amos E.; Safdie, Elias; Campbell-Kelly, Martin; Bauer, Walter F.; Reinstein, Harry C.

North-Holland Publishing Company; Technology Convergence; Business History Conference


Includes the following titles:
VM and the VM Community: Past, Present, and Future
Statistics for the Core Software Industry
A View of the Software Industry
The First Commercial Univac I Installation
Tales from the Early Years of CSC
Informatics and (et) Informatique
How ICP Solved My Biggest Marketing Problem
From Not-Invented-Here to Off-The-Shelf
How ADR Got Into the Software Products Business and Found Itself Competing Against IBM
Getting Hooked on Software
How IBM Killed the Market for Boole & Babbage's CUE Project
Pansophic: A Typical 1960s Start-up
Computers: From Past to Present
Electronics, computers and telephone switching
Caution: Technology Convergence Ahead
Development and Structure of the International Software Industry, 1950-1990
The Challenges of Marketing Software Products
The NIH Syndrome
Early Beginnings of the Software Industry
A Chronology of my Experience (Harry C. Reinstein)
A View From the Sixties: How the Software Industry Began

Other subjects include:
Atlantic Software, Inc.
Syncsoft (Whitlow Computer Systems)


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