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Documents authored by Robert L. Patrick and others

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1964-1965; 1971; 1978

Patrick, Robert L.; Blanc, Robert P.; Brown, Seyom; Hammond, Paul Y.; Jones, William; Ward, James A.

National Bureau of Standards; Data Processing Management Association; The Association for Data Processing and Computer Management; The RAND Corporation; System Development Corporation

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Document number 500-24
Document number RM-4232-PR
Document number RM-6054
Document number SP-1947


Folder includes:
A Technique for Improving the Management of a Computer Installation (DPMA Quarterly 1(4): 2-32, July 1965)
Computer Science & Technology: Performance Assurance and Data Integrity Practices (National Bureau of Standards Special Publication 500-24, U.S. Department of Commerce, January 1978)
An Information System for the National Security Community (Memorandum RM-6054, The RAND Corporation, August 1969)
The Impact of Computers on the Government (paper presented at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada on 2 December 1965)
A Technique for Improving the Management of a Comptuer Installation (Memorandum RM-4232-PR, The Rand Corporation, September 1964)
Computer Status Quo (System Development Corporation SP-1947, 1965)
Certificate in Data Processing Examination Announcement and Study Guide (Data Processing Management Association, 1971)


Technical Report; Article

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Robert L. Patrick papers


Gift of Robert L. Patrick

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