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Texas Instruments' ad for Series SN 51 DCTL ICs

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ca. 1962


Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI)

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Note from original cataloger or donor: "Texas Instruments’ ad for Series SN 51 DCTL ICs. This image of a Texas Instruments’ advertisement for a 'Production Application of Fully Integrated Circuits' features SN 51 Series DCTL devices. The date is unknown but is probably circa 1962. It was supplied by D.C. (Mac) McKenzie at the same time that he donated SN275 devices from the application to the museum collection. The system is the Litton Data Systems AN/ASA-27 radar computer indicator carried aboard the Navy’s W2P-1 early warning radar aircraft. Mac believes that 'this was the first full scale commercial application of IC's ever.' I asked Mac about the function of the unit marked SN 275 as this was probably one of the 'customized variations using TI’s master slice technique' noted in the ad. Per his note: 'Regarding the material I gave you: sadly, I do not remember what type of device the SN275 was. The four IC's mounted on the module board were F/F's, if my memory serves me right. There were eight of the modules on the circuit board we were to replace. They took the place of the core memories that were running so hot that they destroyed the card they were on. Some of the modules were F/F's and others were interface circuits to make our card a plug in replacement for the board we were replacing. The SN275 may have been one of the interface circuits. This was a program TI did for Litton Data Systems. Litton was building the Marine Tactical Data System to go with the AWACS aircraft. That is the airplane that has the big radar antenna on top of it and it sends long range radar data back to some home base. As far as I know, they are still in operation. The project started in about 1961. See the photo of the project I have attached. I ran the program and it was what brought me to Signetics. Long story for another time. If you blow up the attached picture, you can read about the program, I hope.'” Donated by D.C. McKenzie.


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