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Technical reports, summer lectures, intern talks, and the Network Systems Laboratory

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This box contains Systems Research Center (SRC) DVCAMs, VHS, and textual reports.
The DVCAMs relate to the Network Systems Laboratory (NSL), summer lectures, intern talks, and a visit from Tandem Labs.
The VHS tapes relate to technical reports titled:
"Boolean formulae for simple polygons" by John Hershberger and Marc H. Brown;
"An anthology of algorithm animations using Zeus" by Marc H. Brown;
"DeckScape : an experimental web browser" by Marc H. Brown and Robert A. Shillner;
and two VHS tapes with no technical report numbers titled "Some Zeus examples" with Marc H. Brown and John Hershberger
and "Multiple monitors and rooms" with Susan Owicki.
Lastly, the textual reports in this box are titled:
"Distributed active objects" by Marc H. Brown and Marc A. Najork;
"WebCard : integrated and uniform access to mail, news, and the Web" by Marc H. Brown;
"Migratory applications" by Krishna A. Bharat and Luca Cardelli;
"Program fragments, linking, and modularization" by Luca Cardelli;
"To provide or to bound : sampling in fully dynamic graph algorithms" by Monika R. Henzinger and Mikkel Thorup;
"Zippers : a focus+context display of Web pages" by Marc H. Brown and William E. Weihl;
"Proving possibility properties" by Leslie Lamport;
"DeckScape : an experimental Web browser" by Marc H. Brown and Robert A. Shillner;
"From quadrangular sets to the budget matroids" by Lyle Ramshaw and James B. Saxe;
"SRC : the first 99 reports" compiled by James Mason;
"A comparison of two distributed disk systems" by Edward K. Lee et al.;
"Protection in programming-language translations" by Martin Abadi;
"Service combinators for Web computing" by Luca Cardelli and Rowan Davies;
and a Western Research Laboratory (WRL) report titled, "Observing TCP dynamics in real networks" by Jeffrey C. Mogul;
"Introducing the budget configurations" by Lyle Ramshaw.




Brown, Marc H.; Cardelli, Luca


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Systems Research Center; Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Western Research Laboratory


20 videotapes




Technical Report; Talk; Lecture

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Moving images: Systems Research Center meetings and talks


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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