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Itsy software demonstrations, SRC 10th anniversary, and other A/V material

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Systems Research Center


27 videotapes


Betacam SP


This box contains the following A/V material:
SRC 10th anniversary (1 Betacam SP);
Intern '94 re-edit with Bob Taylor (1 Betacam SP);
Reconstructing and visualizing models of Neuronal Dendrites - Ingrid Carlborn and Dimitri Terzopoulos (1 Betacam SP);
To HRL and back - SRC intern '98 (1 Betacam SP);
Intern video '99 (1 Betacam SP);
Millicent #14 (1 Betacam SP);
Algorithm animation using 3D interactive graphics - Marc H. Brown and Marc Najork (1 Betacam SP);
Fisheye - SRC report 84b - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Itsy - software demo (2 Betacam SP);
Rock and scroll #1 (1 Betacam SP);
Oblets and Oblets head (2 Betacam SP);
Mark Manasse - F9 (1 Betacam SP);
Ted Wobber - access control in echo (1 Betacam SP);
Lilac - Ken Brooks (1 Betacam SP);
Coordinated traversal: Byzantine agreement in polynomial time - Orli Waarts (1 Betacam SP);
A user interface editor for the X Window system - Hania Gajewska (1 Betacam SP);
Argo - Hania Gajewska (1 Betacam SP);
Trestle toolkit - Mark Manasse (1 Betacam SP);
TeleComuting - Dave Redell (1 Betacam SP);
High performance computing / WRL (1 Betacam SP);
Sarpedon demo #3 - Rosamund Moon (1 Betacam SP);
Zeus - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Compliant motion in a simple polygon - John Hershberger (1 Betacam SP);
Postcard and NI - Andrew Birrell and Mike Burrows (1 Betacam SP).


Talk; Company promotion

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Moving images: Systems Research Center meetings and talks


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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