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SRC animation festival, DEC SIGGraph, Oblets, and other A/V material

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Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Systems Research Center


30 videotapes


Betacam SP


This box contains the following A/V material:
A library for visualizing combinatorial structure - Mark Najork (1 Betacam SP);
Building a distributed application using visual Obiq - Marc H. Brown and Krishna Bharat (1 Betacam SP);
Operating system support for multi-media applications - Cliff Mercer (1 Betacam SP);
Oblets - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Juno-2 constraint based drawing editor - Greg Nelson and Alan Heydon (1 Betacam SP);
A penalty function method for constrained motion planning - Jerome Barraquand (1 Betacam SP);
Patah planning through variational dynamic programming - Jerome Barraquand ((1 Betacam SP);
Webcard email news - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Rock & scroll - Joe Bartlett (1 Betacam SP);
Zippers - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Itsy - Bill Hamburgen (1 Betacam SP);
InterOp ’94 - Tom Rodeheffer (1 Betacam SP);
Visual oblique - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
DEC SIGGraph ’93 - Lance Berc (1 Betacam SP);
Oblets2 version 2 - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
2 examples from the 1993 SRC animation festival - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Bytes of art (1 Betacam SP);
Sam Fuller (1 Betacam SP);
SHARK 1 (1 Betacam SP);
NC situation - Dave Chaiken (1 Betacam SP);
Oblets3 - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
HPAS - Jin Yu (1 Betacam SP);
Mark Foster talk to interns (1 Betacam SP);
Vista bar - Marc H. Brown (1 Betacam SP);
Millicent #1a program (1 Betacam SP);
Side conversations and hallways - Hania Gajewska (1 Betacam SP);
Animating proofs - Greg Nelson (1 Betacam SP);
Constraint-based animations - Greg Nelson and Allan Heydon (1 Betacam SP);
Video VBT in action - Mark Manasse and Steve Freeman (1 Betacam SP);
An Argo telecollaboration system (1 Betacam SP);


Talk; Company promotion

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Moving images: Systems Research Center meetings and talks


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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