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IM&T seminars and other A/V material

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Hallowell, Dave; Dolan, Mike; Hogan, Jim; Gillogly, Pat; Cook, Peter; Giacoletto, Sergio; Ray, Mel; Infante, Dan; Sims, John L.; Gullotti, Russell A.; Fishburn, Dick; Champine, George A.; Sites, Richard L.; Potter, Terry; Luttrell, Buzz; Stone, David; Hutchings, Tony


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


18 videotapes


U-matic; VHS


This box contains the following A/V material:
Interconnect technology process development (1 VHS, plus printed presentation);
IM&T state of the function : Boeing SMARTS program (1 VHS);
IM&T state of the function : U.S. IS / EIS GIA (1 VHS);
IM&T state of the function : EIS Europe (1 VHS);
IM&T state of the function : consultant and customer perspectives / challenges for IM&T in the '90s (1 VHS);
IM&T state of the function : challenges for IM&T in the '90s / systems integration continued (1 VHS);
IM&T seminar series : Digital's value proposition for IS (1 VHS);
IM&T seminar series : overview of the new IS technology for the new Digital (1 VHS);
IM&T technical seminar : the Alpha architecture / EV-4 the first implementation / IM infrastructure utility (1 VHS, plus printed presentation);
Digital's intranet : the network (2 VHS);
Storing/retrieving data in a parallel distributed memory (1 U-matic);
October 12 open client/server customer event (1 VHS);
April 12th introduction preview : what every Digital employee should know (1 VHS);
Digital advertisement : speed, generation (1 VHS);
FY '96 corporate advertising campaign (1 VHS);
David Stone cafeteria talk (1 VHS);
Strategies and plans for fiscal years 1988-1990 (1 VHS).


Talk; Company promotion; Presentation Material; Commercial

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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Moving images: DEC libraries' A/V holdings


Gift of Hewlett-Packard Company

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