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Platforms for workgroup computing : MS OS/2 LAN manager, IBM OS/2 LAN server, and Ashton-Tate/Microsoft SQL server background information

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Microsoft Corporation

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Press release to provide background on a more complex software system arrangement:
* Microsoft and Ashton-Tate announced SQL Server, a relational database server software product for local area networks.
* SQL Server runs on top of OS/2 based networks includingMS OS/2 LAN Manager and IBM OS/2 LAN Server.
* The combination of OS/2, SQL Server and either the MS OS/2 LAN Manager or the IBM OS/2 LAN Server creates a rich open platform for workgroup applications.
* MS OS/2 LAN Manager is the networking server software from Microsoft that complements OS/2.
* In November, 1987, IBM announced the OS/2 LAN Server. This software product incorporates key MS(R) LAN networking technology licensed from Microsoft, and provides OS/2-based server functions to OS/2 Extended Edition workstations. IBM OS/2 LAN Server incorporates MS LAN Server technology, and requires the IBM OS/2 Extended Edition

Donated by Ed Esber. 6 scanned pages.


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Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection

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