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Ashton-Tate ships new graphics software Applause II

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Ashton-Tate Corporation

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Press release to report that Ashton-Tate began shipping APPLAUSE II, the company's new graphics software that includes charting, drawing and electronic slide show features. The software was sold for $99.95 as part of a special introductory promotion valid until March 31, 1990. Thereafter, APPLAUSE II will have a suggested retail price of $495. The new software included 37 automatic chart types, support for a wide range of equipment -- from PC/XTs to 386s; from CGA/Hercules to VGA or 8514A monitors; with 512K RAM and above -- and output to printed documents and overheads. Slides could be generated overnight via a direct connection with Ashton-Tate's Graphics Service or by output to a user's camera. These and many other features are accessed through APPLAUSE II's graphical interface. "APPLAUSE II combined the functionality of MASTER GRAPHICS with the sophisticated drawing of DRAW APPLAUSE. Donated by Ed Esber. 5 scanned pages.


Press release

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Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection

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