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Digital Research promotional packet

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Collopy, David; Kildall, Gary; Thornburg, David D.; Ketchum, Hank; Riccomi, Alfred

Digital Research, Inc.

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Contents of a promotional packet:
1. Dr. Logo: Here's an Antidote for your Computer Illiteracy - Article reprinted with permission from Business Computing praising Dr. Logo for its ability to make computing understandable at the logical level to people who are only accustomed to using specific applications.
2. Dr Logo Product Brief (Preliminary) - The preliminary Product Brief for DR Logo listing a summary its features, support plan, and hardware requirements.
3. Digital Research's DR Logo: A User-Friendly Language Comes of Age - A fairly comprehensive presentation of DR Logo, positioning it in the chain of AI related
programming tools, providing some insight into its structure, pointing out applications in business and education and providing a listing for the program used to develop an earlier sample use of Logo.
4. Dennis the Menace Advertisement for DR Logo - Ad Copy for Dennis the Menace promotion for DR Logo.
5. LOGO An End User Language - An Article reprinted with permission of Texas Instruments proposing the use of Logo as a language almost anyone can learn and use for their own need. Otherwise the author sees the need for professional programmers will continue to exceed the supply forever. He proposes Logo to be that language and defends the choice against Basic and other languages thought to be suitable for novices.
6. Digital Research languages for Apple II product brief - A list of Digital Research Language Products available for the Apple II with pricing.
7. The Language for Learning - DR Logo (Advertisement) - Advertisement for DR Logo discussing its capabilities and ease of use.
8. Dr. Logo Language Tri-Fold Brochure - A collateral piece on DR Logo meant to be folded into thirds that promoted DR Logo's abilitiy to help the user extend their creative horizon. It contains illustrations, lists target users, highlights features and provides contact information.

Also in this packet is a cover for the Digital Research Product Demonstration Kit. This cover was not scanned. All other items were scanned, and are combined into one pdf for ease of access.


Promotional Material; Article

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Information Technology Corporate Histories Collection


Gift of Kathryn Strutynksi

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