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Goldberg, ParcPlace, and Xerox PARC videotapes and DVDs

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This box includes videotapes that feature Goldberg and/or were produced by Xerox PARC or ParcPlace.

Videos include:
Intelligent software (1 U-Matic, 1 DVD);
Smalltalk-80 programming system (1 U-Matic, 1 DVD);
The state of Smalltalk, with Dan Ingalls (1 U-Matic, 1 DVD);
SCOOP keynote address by Adele Goldberg, June 12, 1989 (1 VHS);
Adele Goldberg, Nov. 11, 2000 (2 VHS);
Forum : ParcPlace : making a business out of objects, featuring Adele Goldberg, Jan. 14, 1993 (1 VHS);
VisualWave (1 VHS);
A preview of Minerva's machine : women in computing (1 VHS);
VisualWorks 2.0 seminar with Adele Goldberg, Sept. 9, 1994 (1 VHS);
Adele Goldberg at SIGCHI '86 (1 VHS);
Computer chronicles : women in computing, Sept. 18, 1985 (1 VHS);
What should we learn? What should we teach, by Adele Goldberg (OOPSLA '95 talk) (1 VHS);
Reuse : a design opportunity, by Adele Goldberg, April 3, 1989 (Lotus Information Resources Group Technical Perspectives) (1 VHS);
Fuji Xerox Smalltalk-80 vol. 1 and 2 (inside the case vol. 2 is a note to Goldberg requesting written data describing Smalltalk for Fuji Xerox's research and development staff) (2 VHS);
Windows and simulation demo, Sept. 12, 1980 (1 DVD);
Look and feel kit demo Sept. 19, 1991 (1 DVD);
The alternate reality kit : user interface overview, with Randall B. Smith (1 DVD);
Thinglab, with Alan Borning, June 25, 1985 (1 DVD);
A planning system written in Smalltalk, with Trygve Reenskaug (1 DVD);
Adele Goldberg SIGCHI '86 roll-ins (1 DVD);
Laura Gould car wash (1 DVD);
Interactive computer graphics for intuitional problem solving, with Laura Gould (1 DVD);
The Smalltalk-80 programming system, pt. III : some applications, March 1983 (1 DVD);
Steve Weyer DynaBook demo (1 DVD).




Goldberg, Adele


Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center); Fuji Xerox; ParcPlace Systems Inc.; Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)


3 U-matic; 13 DVD; 13 VHS


VHS; DVD; U-matic


Documentary; Lecture; Company promotion

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Adele Goldberg papers

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Videos and photographs


Gift of Adele Goldberg

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