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These folders contain publicity photographs of Hewlett-Packard products, including:

Printers: PaintJet, ThinkJet, portable ThinkJet IL, QuietJet Plus, LaserJet, LaserJet II, LaserJet III, LaserJet 500 Plus, LaserJet 2000, RuggedWriter, DeskJet, DeskJet 500, 2686, 2934A;

Plotters: ColorPro, DesignJet 600, DraftPro 7550 series, 7475A, 7470;

Personal and handheld computers: Portable (HP 110), Portable Plus, Vectra desktop and portable family, HP 150, Touchscreen, Touchscreen II, 700/43, 700/44, 700/RX 19Ga, Omnibook 300, Integral, Apollo 9000 425e and 705, Series 386 Network Advisor, SketchPro graphics tablet, 95LX Palmtop, Micro 300GX and 3000GX/LX;

HP 9000 Series models 300 DOS coprocessor, 330, 350CH, 710, 800, 825S, 825SRX, 835S, 850S, TurboSRX;

HP 3000 Series models 70, 900, 925, 925LH, 930, 950, 955;

Boards and peripherals: EISA Connector, VGA component, StarLAN 10 integrated PC card, OSI Express board for the Spectrum minicomputer family, Ethernet adapter card, NMOS III chip, SMC 3032 adapter, 3789B DS3 transmission test set, ScanJet scanner, BDT automatic Laserfeeder, BDT multifeeder, 29340S sheet feeder, VGA monitor, 4953A Protocol Analyzer;

Storage: HP 9133L, 9134, 9134L, 9142, 9154;

Screenshots and software packages: LU 6.2 Node Exerciser, LANspool, PC Instruments, negotiable BIND, OpenView, NewWave, Scanning Gallery Plus 5.0, SoftBench, Option 200, LaserRom, Graphics Gallery, 3055S, LaserRETRIEVE;

Also included are shots of a T-1 multiplexer support program and a portrait of Joel Birnbaum, the vice president of HP Labs.


ca. 1985-1992


Bethoney, Herb; Knowles, Jim


Hewlett-Packard Company; PC WEEK


Slide; Print; Transparency


Publicity photograph

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PC Week Art Department photograph collection


Gift of Tom Rasmussen

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