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Still image


ca. 1984-1987


Bethoney, Herb; Borns, Steve; Wolf, Werner


International Business Machines (IBM); PC WEEK


Print; Contact sheet; Negative; Slide; Transparency


These folders contain IBM publicity photographs, including shots of systems, components, peripherals, software, buildings, and people. The following IBM products are identified in these folders:
3270 PC:
3270 PC, 3270 PC/GX, 3270 PC/G, information display stations and control units, cabling system, boards, screenshots;

models 20, 60, and 90;

Boards, chips, semiconductors, and wafers:
Million-bit experimental chip; scientists working with plasma spraying, silicon wafers, and superconducting thin film; K. Alex Mueller and J. George Bednorz at IBM’s Zurich Research Laboratory; workers with wafers at a manufacturing plant; various, superconductors, boards, chips, and cards;

IBM buildings in Milford, Connecticut; Rochester, Minnesota; Menlo Park, California; Austin, Texas; and other unidentified locations;

Cabling system;

Enterprise System/9000:
Models 480, 820, and 900, Integrated Cryptographic Feature, Thermal Conduction Module, and Enterprise System Connection Architecture;

Enterprise System/9370:
Models 10, 12, 14, 50, 60, 80, 90;

Industrial machines:
7575 Manufacturing System, 7576 Manipulator, 7552 Industrial Computer;

Network and technology flow charts;

PC and PS/2:
IBM PC, PC Convertible, Portable PC, PS/2 (Personal System/2), I2 DiskSystem, PCOX board, PC motherboard, half height drive, Engineering/Scientific PC series, PC Network Translator Unit, InfoWindow touchscreen display, PC JX, screenshots, non-IBM hardware and software for PC (Kraft Systems' Executive Cursor Control joystick support);

PC AT, keyboard, tower, motherboard, serial/parallel board, disk drive controller, non-IBM hardware (ROLM's Juniper II), non-IBM software (Trintex grocery service);

PC RT, tower, 6157 streaming tape drive, 6150 models A25 and 20, 6151 model 10, chips, processing card, wafer manufacturing;

PC XT, power supply, modem, motherboard, keyboard, 9270 voice related response unit, XT/PC Pathfinder, diskless boot ROM, hard disk controller, add-on cards;

PCjr, DOS and TopView software, keyboard, floppy disk drive, graphics plotter, screenshots, non-IBM software (Thorn EMI's Perfect);

Peripherals and storage:
Enhanced Color Display, 3197 Display Station, 3278 Display Station, 5841 modem, Paper-Like Interface, 3174 small and large clusters, 4680 Store System, 3480 Magnetic Tape Subsystem, 3363 Optical Disk Drive;

Portable computers:
ThinkPad, Notebook;

3852, 4224, 4226, 4245 model 12, 6180, Proprinter family, Laser printer family, Pageprinter, Jetprinter, Dot Band, Quietwriter, Wheelprinter E, PC Compact, PC Color Printer. Photos of a Canon copier and Lexmark printers are also included;

Models 4956 Processor, 4955, and others;

Series III model 85 copier;

Various packages, explanatory flow charts, and screenshots;

System/36, System/38, and System/400:
9332 and 9335 storage devices, 3179 and 3196 displays, 5636, 5362 processor, Application System/400 family;

Models 3090, 3033, 3081;

Token Ring Network;

QuietWriter 7, WheelWriter 5, Selectric System/2000, Quiet Electronic Printhead;

Unidentified people and events.

Found with this IBM material was a folder labeled “Return to PC Week” that contains photos of mostly unidentified people and events that do not appear to be related to IBM. Some of the material is related to Apple's 10th anniversary, various computers, and what appears to be vacation photos. Also included is a photo form with the subject "Bill Gates' Wedding," though there does not appear to be related photos included. This folder is also included in this record.


Publicity photograph

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PC Week Art Department photograph collection


Gift of Tom Rasmussen

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