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Electronic switching systems no. 1 : arranged with 2-wire features

Document Titles

Busy verify program

Document Titles

Call waiting program

Document Titles

Centrex call answering from any station

Document Titles

Centrex lamp control program

Document Titles

Centrex simulated facilities program

Document Titles

Centrex trunk preemption program

Document Titles

Feature values for generic edits

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K-level interrupt program

Document Titles

Line and trunk seizure of centrex attendant

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LXX tandem tie line program

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Recorded announcement machine program

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SP operational programs

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Items in this folder were originally bound. This folder contains multiple program listings. All listings are labeled "AT&TCo SPCS."




Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Publication number PR-1A164-14 Line and trunk seizure
Publication number PR-1A165-12 Centrex call answering from any station
Publication number PR-1A166-14 Centrex lamp control prog.
Publication number PR-1A167-14 Centrex trunk preemption program
Publication number PR-1A168-14 Call waiting program
Publication number PR-1A169-14 Centrex simulated facilities program
Publication number PR-1A170-14 LXX tandem tie line program
Publication number PR-1A171-14 Busy verify program
Publication number PR-1A172-14 Recorded announcement machine program
Publication number PR-1A190-03 K-level interrupt program
Publication number PR-1A198-14 Feature values for generic edits
Publication number PR-1A200-10 SP operational programs


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Al Kossow collection


Gift of Al Kossow

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