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Steven J. Wallach papers

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Wallach, Steven J.


41.67 linear feet in 33 record cartons and 1 manuscript box


The Steven J. Wallach papers consist of published manuals and documentation, technical reports, engineering notebooks, course and presentation materials, reports from government committees, conference proceedings, and a small amount of audio-visual material.

About a third of the collection consists of published documentation such as user and instruction manuals, system architecture guides, and reference guides for languages, hardware, and computer systems. Wallach organized this documentation into binders by company and by product, and often filed handwritten notes with the documentation. Examples of companies represented in this portion of the collection include: Alliant, Burroughs, Control Data Corporation, Cray, DataSaab, Digital Equipment Corporation, Elxsi, Encore Computer Corporation, Honeywell, HP, IBM, Interdata, Intel, Perkin-Elmer, Sun Microsystems, Texas Instruments, and Thinking Machines Corporation.

Government, committee, and technical reports comprise another third of the collection. This includes binders and reports from groups such as PITAC, NSF, NCSA, as well as a number of other committees, projects, and task forces.

Approximately twenty percent of the Wallach papers contain documentation, memos, and reports from his work at Raytheon, Data General, and Convex Computer Corporation. This portion of the collection also includes Wallach’s personal engineering notebooks, course notes, and presentation materials.

Conference proceedings and journals, such as ACM Computer Architecture News, the Journal of Supercomputing, and the International Conference on Supercomputing, make up about fifteen percent of the collection. A small amount of VHS tapes, CDs, and DVDs are also included.


Manual; Memoranda; Presentation Materials; Technical Report; Reference Guide


Data General Corporation; High performance computing; Raytheon Missile Systems Company; Supercomputer industry; supercomputing; United States. President's Information Technology Advisory Committee

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Steven J. Wallach papers


Gift of Steven J. Wallach

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