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Altera Corporation records

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The Altera Corporation records contain printed materials, software, and audiovisual material about and by the company from its founding in 1983 until 2011. The bulk of the records are made up of printed materials, including product literature such as catalogs and guides, financial documents such as annual and financial reports, manuals, marketing materials, press releases, press clippings, and print advertisements. Most of the printed materials pertain to the business and marketing aspects of the company, rather than the technical research and design.

The rest of the records consist of software and audiovisual materials. There are three boxes of packaged software and development kits, which contain manuals and 5.25 inch floppy disks. Also included are photographs of employees and products, 11 VHS tapes, several CDs, and oversize design drawings and mounted graphics.

Below is a rough inventory of the collection. For a more detailed inventory, please contact the archives directly.

Box 1:
Press clippings, 1983-1995

Box 2:
Press clippings, 1996-1998
International press clippings, 1985-1989
Print ads, 1984-1996
Press releases, 1983-2002
Altera book project, 2004
10th anniversary materials, 1993
Wescon/Leonard Nimoy, 1984
Altera corporate presentation, 1999
IPO documents, 1988
Select historical documents, 1983-2000
Misc. copies of News & Views and The Logical Look newsletters
Magazines containing Altera articles, 1985-2005
Technical article reprints, 1985-2005

Box 3:
Annual reports, 1985-2011
Early product literature, 1984-1986
BME New Product Plan binder, 1992
NASDQ binder with Market Maker Analysis, 1991

Box 4:
Financial reports, 1988-1994
Financial analyst coverage of Altera, 1985-1990
Software manuals and guides, 1984-1997

Box 5:
Printed materials (press releases, corporate values, PREP benchmark results, other misc. materials), 1985-1998
Photographs of employees, products, dies, buildings, and events, 1983-1998

Box 6:
Diagrams and blueprints for Altera devices, 1986
Oversize periodical, 1997
Mounted graphics, ca. 1990

Box 7-9:
Packaged Altera software, 1985-1991

Box 10:
VHS tapes and CDs, 1991-2003




Altera Corporation


11.91 linear feet in 6 record cartons, 1 oversize flat box, and 3 other boxes


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Field programmable gate arrays; Programmable logic devices

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Altera Corporation records


Gift of the Altera Corporation

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