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1185 Design is a Silicon Valley brand agency founded by Peggy Burke in 1985. The 1185 Design records consist of material created for the agency’s clients between 1985 and 2017. The majority of the collection is made up of “initial creative books,” which were produced with some input from clients to establish or explore brand identity and marketing strategies. The remainder of the collection is made up of product samples, or clients’ end products. These are divided into two subseries. The text subseries consists strictly of textual and graphical materials, while the software subseries is made up primarily of packaged software.

The majority of the collection consists of initial creative books, often with handwritten notes. These books contain design for areas such as brand narrative, logo graphic design, and web design. They are generated during the design process, which typically begins when 1185 Design staff meet with a client to get a sense of their needs and goals. After this meeting, multiple designers work on different design directions, and print and bind the various design possibilities into initial creative books. These “initial creatives” are then reviewed by the client, notes and changes are made, and a design direction is selected. This review is usually followed by additional rounds of creative development, which can include creating completely new designs or combining elements of previous designs into a new design. Ultimately, this continual refining of the design results in a final end product in print or digital form.

The other third of the collection consists of 1185 Design’s final printed products, such as software packaging, annual reports, brochures, invitations, and data sheets. Much of their more recent output is for the web, which is not included in the collection.

The collection does not contain files or notes from the initial meetings with clients. 1185 Design signs non-disclosure agreements with their clients, so the only materials that are retained from projects are the initial creative books and the finished end products.


1985-2017; bulk 2000-2014


Doran, Jack; Lott, Sara Chabino


Computer History Museum


110 linear feet in 157 newspaper boxes, 20 record cartons and 3 oversize boxes


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Branding (Marketing); Branding industry; Corporate identity; Design services—Marketing; Logos (Symbols)—Design; Silicon Valley (Calif.)

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1185 Design records


Gift of Peggy Burke

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