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The forty-two videos in this series fall into three major groups. The first group contains lectures by the pioneer’s who built the first computers and pioneering technologies. Wes Clark’s lecture on LINC as the first PC or workstation for biomedical research, and Bob Evans description as the leader of the IBM System/360 fall outside this more narrow series. The second group of videos is a two part lecture by Gordon Bell titled Computer Pioneers and Pioneer Computers, about the first computers, and the people who built them. These were jointly sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery and The Computer Museum. The third group of videos is a miscellaneous collection of talks, and videotaped tours of the Museum, as well as films produced by entities other than TCM. Robert Noyce’s lecture at the opening of the Museum in Boston in May 1984 is especially noteworthy for its content and the fact that it is one of the few known video recordings of Noyce.


1976-1966; bulk 1979-1996


Digital Computer Museum; The Computer Museum; National Physical Laboratory; Computer Chronicles


Lecture; Educational; Talk

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The Computer Museum records


Gift of Gordon Bell

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