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Bill Scull collection

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The Bill Scull collection ranges in date from 1985 to 1996 and includes materials related to the field of multimedia product design and technology, particularly as it relates to higher education. About half of the collection is made up of printed materials, the majority of which are from Apple Computer. These materials include technical reports, internal reports, research files, presentation materials, case studies, meeting agendas and notes, and promotional material. Examples of subjects covered in this portion of the collection include multimedia technologies and educational tools, higher education sales and marketing, marketing plans for specific Apple products, and learning and technology research. There are a small amount of files, such as press kits and promotional material, pertaining to Claris. The collection also includes some newsletters and periodicals specifically related to higher education, such as EduTech, Authorware Magazine, The Heller Report, Educom, and Educational Learning. Finally, there are a small number of catalogs, manuals, and brochures from other publishers and companies, such as Kinko’s Academic Courseware Exchange and Authorware.

The other half of the collection consists of software and its accompanying documentation. There are approximately five CDs, sixty-five 3.5 inch floppy disks, five 5.25 floppy disks, and six laserdiscs in this portion of the collection, with a mix of packaged, demonstration, and promotional copies of software. There are two binders that contain manuals and software for educational games published by a variety of companies between 1988 and 1994. Additionally, the collection holds promotional copies of Claris software such as “Brushstrokes” and “Retrieve It,” as well as ten packets of Kinko’s Academic Courseware Exchange floppy disks and instructions. There are several demonstration software sets, including an Authorware Product Launch Guide and a Macintosh Higher Education Curriculum Solutions binder. Finally, there are six laserdiscs, including the “Encyclopedia of Multimedia” published by Apple and “In the Holy Land” published by ABC News.




Scull, Bill


8.67 linear feet in 6 record cartons and 1 oversize box


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Apple Computer, Inc.; Claris Corporation; Education, Higher; Electronic encyclopedias; Interactive multimedia

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Bill Scull collection


Gift of Bill Scull

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