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Ned Chapin papers

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The Ned Chapin papers, ranging in date from 1955 to 1995, consist of published manuals and documentation, technical reports, conference proceedings, data sheets, brochures, books, and software. Additionally, articles, workbooks, lecture notes, and books by Ned Chapin are scattered throughout the collection.

The bulk of the papers consist of manuals, technical documentation, and data sheets from a range of companies, such as Honeywell, IBM, Univac, Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation, Radio Corporation of America (RCA), Remington Rand, Litton, Bendix, Micro Computer Machines, Inc (MCM), Sylvania Electronic Systems, General Electric (GE), National Cash Register (NCR), Philco, Scientific Data Systems (SDS), Packard Bell Computer, and RAND Corporation. Examples of machines and systems represented include Honeywell 400 and 800; IBM System/360, 650, 1401, 1620, and 7090/94; Datatron; Univac I, II, III, 1110, and UNIMS; RW-300; GE-210, 655, and 400 series; MCM/70 and MCM system 800; RCA 601 and 301; NCR 315; MOBIDIC; Philco 2000; SDS 930 and 925; PB 250; and MonRobot Mark XI . Most of these manuals and reports range in date from the mid-1950s to mid-1960s. Other topics include flowcharts, decision tables, and COBOL.

About a quarter of the collection consists of APL documentation and publications, including technical reports, newsletters, and manuals. Most of the APL manuals, which cover topics like APL\360, APL\1130, and Sharp APL, are from 1968 to the early 1980s. The collection also includes newsletters related to APL, including incomplete runs of Quote Quad, APL News, APL Market News, and Interlink. There are also conference proceedings from APL86 through APL92.

The papers also contain conference proceedings such as the Eastern and the Western Joint Computer conference (1955-1960) and Proceedings of the Electronic Business systems Conference (1955), as well as publications such as the Punched Card Annual (1953-1958) and the Computer Industry Annual (1967-1970). There are also some periodicals and newsletters, such as Computer Digest (1966), CrossTalk (1992), Data Management (1972-1973), and Periodical Guide for Computerists (1975-1977).

The collection includes approximately 70 books about computer science published between the 1960s and the 1990s, as well as a small amount of oversize posters.

Additionally, the Chapin papers contain a small amount of software. Contents include nine 5.25 inch floppy disks, which include the Microsoft MS-DOS operating system version 5.0 windows series, as well as sixteen 8- inch floppy disks, most of which appear to be utilities for MCM and disks holding research data. There are also 108 MCM digital cassette tapes, including programs like multiple version of Text 700 as well as cassettes labeled “MCM APL tapes,” numbered 33-152.


1955-1995; bulk 1955-1975


Chapin, Ned


18.5 linear feet in 9 record cartons, 7 periodical boxes, and 1 oversize folder


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APL (Computer program language); Chapin, Ned; Micro Computer Machines, Inc.

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Ned Chapin papers


Gift of Elaine Chapin and Suzanne Chapin

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