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Linder Charlie Hobbs collection

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The Linder Charlie Hobbs collection, ranging in date from 1958 to 1982, consists of documents related to minicomputers, computer memory, military computers, graphics terminals, timesharing systems, semiconductors, and the computer industry during the 1960s and 1970s. Types of materials include brochures, pamphlets, press kits, annual reports, technical reports, manuals, industry reports, and conference proceedings. Most of the promotional materials and press kits were collected through Hobbs’s work as a consultant at Hobbs Associates, Inc. A very large number of companies are represented in this collection, including Informatics, Litton, Philco, Bit, Digital Equipment Corporation, Packard Bell, Shugart, Univac, International Business Machines, Memorex, General Electric, Comdex, and many others. The collection includes materials from the Aeronutronic division of Ford Motor Company and manuals and promotional materials related to military computers manufactured by companies like Univac and Honeywell. The collection also includes technical reports published by Stanford Research Institute (SRI) and System Development Corporation (SDC) as well as proposals and reports submitted to army and naval departments, such as the Office of Naval Research. Finally, there is information about the computer industry during the 1970s, including documentation specifically about the Japanese computer industry.

Please see below for a preliminary box level listing of the subjects in the collection:

Box 1: Graphics and display terminals, OCR; 1961-1972
Box 2: Military computers; 1958-1965
Box 3: Mixed subjects; 1953-1982
Box 4: Military computers/reports, Univac; 1960s
Box 5: Ford aeronutronics, Philco, SRI, System Development Corporation; 1958-1976
Box 6: Minicomputers; 1963-1971
Box 7: Memory (disks and drums); 1963-1982
Box 8: Data processing industry trends and reference materials, Japanese computer industry; 1970s
Box 9: Semiconductors and microelectronics; 1960s
Box 10: Timesharing; 1966-1977




Hobbs, Linder Charlie


12.5 linear feet in 10 record cartons


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Computer industry; Computer systems; Ford Motor Company, Aeronutronic Division; minicomputers; Philco Corporation; Sperry Rand Corporation. Univac Division; United States. Office of Naval Research

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Linder Charlie Hobbs collection


Gift of Linder Charlie Hobbs

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