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C Set ++ FirstStep for OS/2

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Contents: 3 1/2 inch floppy disk (17); CD-ROM; C/C++ FirstStep Tools Version 2 Programming Guide; C/C++ FirstStep Tools Version 2 Debugger Introduction; WorkFrame/2 Version 1.1 Introduction; C/C++ FirstStep Tools Version 2 Reference Summary; License Information for IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 2.1; License information for WorkFrame/2 Version 1.1; License information for C/C++ FirstStep Tools Version 2.01; "HELP!!!... to get it" brochure; Getting Started Multimedia Presentation Manger Toolkit/2 Version 1.1; Getting Started Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 Version 2.1; Program License Agreement; Publications Ordering; "Step Into a New World" advertisement; C/C++ First Step Tools Version 2 Read Me First.




International Business Machines (IBM)



System Requirements

Hardware Requirements: System Units: All system units supported by OS/2 V2.0 and higher; For 80386-based PS/2s, the 80387 math co-processor is recommended for improving the execution performance of C applications using floating-point arithmetic; Display: Minimum requirement is VGA; SVGA recommended. Memory requirements: C development: minimum 8 MB RAM; 12 MB RAM recommended; C++ development: minimum 12 MB RAM; 16 MB RAM recommended. Swap requirements: C development: minimum 10 MB; C++ development: minimum 30 MB. Disk space requirements: minimum disk space required for all the components of C Set ++ FirstStep is 65 MB. Programming requirements: The IBM C Set ++ FirstStep tools will run only under IBM OS/2 Version 2.0 or higher, with or without IBM Extended Services for OS/2; Generated object programs will run under IBM OS/2 Version 2.0 or higher. The C/C++ FirstStep tools will run only with the IBM Developer's Toolkit for OS/2 V2.1 (part of this C Set ++ FirstStep package).


3 1/2 inch floppy disk; CD-ROM

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Allen Kossow software collection


Gift of Al Kossow

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