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Analog computer

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Physical Object


Comdyna, Inc.

Place Manufactured

Barrington, IL

Identifying Numbers

Serial number 1485 Stamped on a metal plate on the rear panel


overall: 9 in x 21 in x 14 in


This object is a Comdyna GP-6 analog computer. It is housed in a rectalinear metal box with unusual tilted feet.
The front panel has a 14 by 8 grid of banana jacks connecting 8 amplifiers,2 multipliers, 8 multiturn potentiometers and 6 summing networks on the left. There is a 3 1/2 digit LED display, an overload light, 8 multiturn potentiometers, 4 rotary switches, and 4 mode selector buttons on the right. The banana jacks are colored red, yellow, green, or tan depending on function, and have patch wires and shorting bars connected. Two knurled screws allow the front panel to fold down to expose the internals.
The right side of the rear panel has a female AC connector and fuse housing.
On the left side rear are 8 screw terminals in a 4 by 2 array, labeled, Y output, X output, OP Output, and -15V on top, and Meter Input, GND, OP Input and +15V underneath. There is also a female DB25 connector at the bottom rear.


Analog Computer


Gift of Comdyna, Inc.

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