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Rainbow 100 User Kit, MS-DOS 2.05, CP/M-86/80 2.0

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Digital Equipment Corporation


2.05, 2.0

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Rainbow 100, MS-DOS, CP/M


5 1/4 inch floppy disk


Contents: 5 1/4 inch floppy disk (2).
This item contains three boxes of mostly manuals, and two 5 1/4 inch floppy disk disks, for a Rainbow 100 personal computer by Digital.
Box 1 (Rainbow 100 User Kit): Disk 1: BL-T309B-BV Rainbow 100 Diag DIsk RX50 ©1982,
Disk 2: BL-ZZ49A-JS Demo Organizer V1.2;
Rainbow Installation Guide, Rainbow CP/M-86/80 Getting Started;
Keys to Digital's Warranty Service;
Rainbow Owner's Manual;
Rainbow GSX-86 Getting Started;
Rainbow GSX-86 Programmer's Reference Manual;
Rainbow Color/Graphics Option Installation Guide;
Rainbow 100 Installation Guide;
Rainbow 100 Getting Started;
Rainbow 100 Winchester Disk Option Upgrade and Installation Guide;.
Box 2 (CP/M-86/80 2.0) (box is torn at corner):
CP/M-86/80 User's Guide;
CP/M-86/80 Getting Started Card;
Rainbow Memtory Test Procedure;
Rainbow CP/M-86/80 Addendum September 1983;
Rainbow poly-XFR and poly-BSC/RJE Addendum September 1983;
Software Product Description;
CP/M-86 Operating System Release 1.1 Release Notes;
CP/M-86 Operating System User's Guide;
CP/M Operating System Command Summary;
CP/M-86 Operating System Programmer's Guide;
CP/M-86 Operating System System Guide;.
Box 3 (MS-DOS 2.05):
MS-DOS Getting Started;
MS-DOS Getting Started Card;
MS-DOS User's Guide;
MS-DOS Advanced User's Guide;
digital LA50 Printer Programmer Reference Manual;
SmartKey II Plus manual (no disk);
Lyben Compuer Systems Spring/Summer 1987 Edition catalog;
Hayes Smartmodem 1200 Hardware Reference Manual;.; See description for manuals.

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Al Kossow software collection


Gift of Allen Kossow

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