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Microsoft Office for Windows, The

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Microsoft Corporation



System Requirements

Microsoft Windows graphic environment version 3.0 or later; 80286 or 80386 processor; Personal computer running the MS-DOS or PC-DOS operating system version 3.1 or later; 2 MB RAM; Hard disk with 12 MB available disk space; (additional diskspace required if optional printer fonts, clip art, and templates are installed); 1.2 MB 5.25" or 1.44 MB 3.5" high-density disk drive; EGA or higher resolution video adapter compatible with Microsoft Windows version 3.0.


3 1/2 inch floppy disk


Contents: 3 1/2 inch floppy disk (9).
Contains Word for Windows 1.1; Excel 3.0; PowerPoint for Windows 2.0;
Promotional Sample Not for Resale;
Disks: Microsoft Word for Windows: Setup; Utilities; Conversions (3 disks);
Microsoft Excel for Windows: Setup; Help (2 disks);
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows: Disk 1 with Setup; Disks 2-4; Microsoft Excel Getting Started;
Microsoft Excel Solver User's Guide;
Q+E for Microsoft Excel User's Guide;
Microsoft Word Pocket Guide;
Microsoft Word for Windows Installation Guide;
Microsoft Word for Windows User's Reference;
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows User's Guide;
Genigraphics The Worry-Free Solution for Dazzling Presentations Free Introductory Offer;
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Quick Reference Card;
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Using PowerPoint and Genigraphics Desktop Presentation Services;
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Getting Started;
Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows Using PowerPoint Templates;
Microsoft Windows Applications Working Together;
Microsoft Excel Function Reference;
Microsoft Excel User's Guide;
Short cards; sheets; order forms; etc:
Microsoft Word Keyboard Template;
Microsoft PowerPoint Translator for Apple File Exchange Order Coupon;
Read Me First! Setup Instructions;
Warranty Card/registration;
License Card;
Microsoft Word Technical Reference for Windows and OS/2 order card;
Resource Pak Order Form for The Microsoft Office for Windows;
Introducing the Microsoft Project for Windows Free Working Model;
360K and 720K Disk Order Form for The Microsoft Office for Windows;
Product License Information.

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Al Kossow software collection


Gift of Allen Kossow

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