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PC Week X03451 - X03500

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This folder contains fifty (50) pages of publicity photographs these products, people, companies or events:
Lutheran Brotherhood of Minneapolis using laptops
Pat Szicklai, Dick Matteis, Pat Riley
Margolin, Winer & Evans
Manpower International
Merck personnel
McKenzie [sic] (McKinsey ?) Co
[PoC & woman in images X03457]
Cheyenne Mountain, Air Force Academy(?) near Colorado Springs, CO
Mr. Hoyt (?)
Charles Schwab: William Gillis , EVP of IT; Charles Schwab; Lawrence Stupski, COO
Intel chip
Pillsbury dough-boy and personnel
West Point Pepperell
Black Star: Larry Thomas
Texas Dept of Human Services: Warren Kessel, Nancy Norris, Al Marshall
Robots at Vancouver General Hospital
Visa: cards, Ruder, Scott Loftesness, Authorization Control Center
Sanford Sigoloff, “Mr. Chapter 11”
Xerox: Jayne Guchone, Bill Pittman, Bud Seith
Yellow Cab
ADI Microscan desktop computer, Digital monitor
IBM: executive awareness program fights lack of awareness of disabilities
Gartner Securities: Jim Weil
IBM vs Apple in classrooms
Apple at Georgia Tech
Writing to Read program (IBM)
IBM: James Dezell Jr
Ken Olsen (DEC) and John Sculley (Apple)
Illustration of drafting tools
Macintosh and magazine issues
CIGNA: Jay Weiss
WNEV: Steve Cucuru, Ed Wilk
Tandy: John Roach
Grid: Samuel Wiegand
Hewlett-Packard monitor
NEC monitor
Thomas Ryan
Dallas Times-Herald: Bob Drummond
Cricket: J Strauss, J. Rafferty
Max Hopper
Carnegie Endowment: Clyde Prestowitz
Michael Arkin, actor
Asset Management Corp
Coca-Cola Foods, Houston
Atlanta Constitution & Journal: Mike Christenson
Chicago Sun Times: Jim Merriner
Jon Bayless
Motherboards & cards
Michael Killen
Security Pacific: Gerry Belcher
Texas Instruments executives
Nucor Yamato
Rockwell: Robert Scheussler, Laura Sparkman, Judy Gray, Bob Petersen
Acer: Stan Shih
Acer Taiwan factory and building shots






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Publicity photograph

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PC Week Art Department photograph collection

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