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These folders contain materials related to the Biblios Hawaii interlibrary loan project, planning data for the conversion of University of California Union Catalog Supplement 2 (UCUCS-2) catalog card records into machine readable form (UCUCS-2 conversion planning), DIALOG coursework for library students (study material and a lab workbook), the establishment of a National Documentation Centre at the National Library of Malaysia, a paper submitted to the March, a planned (but not submitted) paper for 1976 BYU Centennial Symposium titled, "Library Automation: Centennial Review and Projections," an article written in Arabic about Bourne's trip to Cairo, an in-house study titled, "Frequency and Impact of Spelling Errors in Bibliographic Data Bases," a study examining the error rate in the UCUCS-2 titled, "Analysis of Errors in the University of California Union Catalog Supplement," Bourne's involvement in surveying the existing information infrastruction of Ghana in order to recommend improvements in the areas to be desired, an unsuccessful proposal to the Ohio College Library Center titled, "The Future of OCLC in a Nationawide Computereized Library Network," and instructional models for online searching coursework at UC Berkeley titled, "Pearl Growing and Building Blocks," and "The Effect of the Searching Environment on the Search Performance."


Technical Paper or Note; Educational Materials; Presentation Materials

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Charles Bourne papers

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Personal projects files


Gift of Charles P. Bourne

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