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Network University : planning the enterprise wide MAILbus, tape 6 of 6

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From the original program:

"Day 1

The moring session will focus on Digital's mail strategy and the importance of winning the "backbone." The discussion will cover the target market, the potential for generating service revenues, and why capturing the backbone is the very core of our strategy. The emphasis will be on distinguishing the "batwork backbone" from selling mail systems, and strategies to win the backbone business, as well as what it takes to win from a network perspective.

There will be a discussion of the 8 step sales cycle: prospecting, qualification, analysis, design and proposal, installation and configuration, application development, deployment, and operational support. Included will be a review of the tools and resources available through the various stages of the cycle.

The afternoon session will concentrate on competition. Who Digital competes with for backbone business, what they have to offer, Digital's advantages, competitive vulnerablies, and strategies to defuse the comptetition to win. The session wil end with a case study chaired by a CAM, and designed to be a guide support.

Day 2

The morning session is devoted to building and installing a corporate E-Mail network. The objective is to assist attendees to understand the issues involve with setting up a large E-Mail network. Included will be an explanation of the important options, what to choose, including the impact of choosing default options. Common installation, configuration and related failures will be discussed, and recommendations suggested.

The afternoon session, which will be continued in the evening BOF session, will concentrate on the planning required for a Corporate mail system installation. This involves an analysis of the customer environment including their technic, geographic, and organizational requirements. The objective is to identify and understand the customer environment in sufficient detail to allow the Digital consultant to design a proposal or an implementation project. The emphasis will be on translating customer requirements into a total solution."




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