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Sharing the technology : NetRider solutions... How to have it all without giving it all away

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From the original description:

"Now, you can find out about all the new features in Digital's latest addition to its remote access familiy products. The new NetRider is now easier to use and loaded with new secutiry features that make safely managing your network better than ever. With the latest authorization, authenticatino and accounting software, you can now feel confident that you are in control of what is happening across your network.

During this video, you will learn more about the new DECserver Network Access Software (DNAS), which security protocols is support, an overview of both RADIUS and SecurID and how to set up your DECserver to use all these features. Also in this video will be informatino about the new DECserver Network Access Security DRAS) and how it, along with DNAS, provides a complete client/server solution for dial-up authentication, authorization and accounting.

Finally, you will learn about the clients that NetRider supports and how easy it is to use applications like Windows 95 and NT with the DECserver. Best of all, everything comes under one part number and in one carton! There will also be information on where to go to find any help you might need.

So, sit back, relax and find out how easily your customers can become "NetRider read"...allbrought you by Digital Equipment Corporation.

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