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PBX program strategy : presentation material

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Thakur, Vijay, Speaker

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)


From the original program:

A new definition of the "Office information industry" is emerging, which now includes "digitized voice" as well as data. Computer applications to manage voice communication are about to become a necessary part of the Office Automation and the digital PBX technology is being promoted as the optimun solution for this integration. Traditional PBX vendors and computer vendors are forming alliances to position themselves as the "total" suppiers of voice and data services. These vendors are also promoting 'uniform twisted pair wiring plans' to establish the twisted pair wire as 'the' means of communication in building facilities.

DEC mus define a Corporate strategy to address these changes in the Office Information Industry and build an appropriate set of products to compete effectively. This presentation will discuss the PBX Program Strategy as recommended by the PBX/ISDN Program Office. The topics covered will include the PBX technology, market analysis, competitive analysis, wiring plans, DEC's strategy and the recommended product development plan.


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Digital Equipment Corporation records

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Moving images: DEC libraries' A/V holdings


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