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IBM plugboard

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IBM Corp.

Identifying Numbers

Model number 184314 Printed on bottom of board
Serial number 901 238781 On label on front


overall: 10 3/4 in x 6 1/2 in x 4 in


Object is a plugboard for an IBM machine such as a 519. There are approximately 60 short wires plugged into this board. Two IBM cardds were curled under the wires (bagged separately). One is pre-printed "WARN-BELEVIEW DAILY JOB/TIME RECORD". This card is punched for employee number 0008, named C L Buckles. The second card is a hand written note as follows "WARN-BELLEVIEW Master Rate Cards".


Memory & storage/connector / plugboard


Gift of Robert Garner, Grant Saviers, Len Shustek, Bernard Peuto and Mike Cheponis

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