Artifact Details


Circuit board

Catalog Number



Physical object




Corvus Systems

Place Manufactured

Made in USA

Identifying Numbers

Other number 11 Stamped/ written on the right edge on the back.
Other number 1710-01817 REC C Soldered along the top edge on the back.
Other number 27 Stamped in the bottom right corner.
Other number 8039 REV E Printed in white in the upper left corner of the board.
Other number A31 Soldered in the bottom left corner.
Other number B1 Soldered in the lower left corner on the back.
Other number B31 Soldered along the bottom edge.
Other number M 99 Stamped in red on a circular white sticker in teh bottom right corner on the front.
Other number SBC-2 a 10-82 Soldered on the right side of the board.


overall: 4 in x 6 in x 5/8 in


The circuit board is a "Corvus Systems IBM Interface". Three quarters of the board are covered in components including transistors, resistors, integrated circuits and one grey connector on the right side. On the back, there is a repeating pattern of "L" printed in red. There are two test stamps, circular with "10" printed in the middle.