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This folder contains publicity photographs of Tandy computer products, including 80386-based 4000LX, 4000, 1400 LT, Bernouilli drive, 3000, SX, 200, 1200 HD, 1000, 2000, 1000 SL, CM-11, VGM 300, 3000 NL, TRS-80 100, 102, 1500 HD, M2500 LX/2, 3810 HD, 1000 EX, 600, 3000 HL, extended basic color computer 3, 1000 10 Mb hard disk, 1000 HD, 1200 HD, 6000 HD (Xenix/ Unix), 4000, 3000 HL, THOR-CD, 5000 MC, 1000 TX, LP1000, DeskMate 2, Z-550 "Zoomer," a Digital Compact Cassette player, and a RadioShack CT-300 Portable Cellular Telephone.
There's a photo of customer service representative Mindy Webb working with Overton Park National Bank building manager Janice A. Trimble as part of RadioShack's Area Training and Support Organization.
There is a photo of two men holding a THOR-CD. There are several photos of a man holding motherboards for 1200 HD computers.
There are several photos taken inside a RadioShack store showing two men with a Tandy 1000 in front of a large display of software.
There are several photos showing man and women working on a Tandy assembly line, and some images of motherboards and cards inside CPU cases.
There are a few casual photos of CEO Robert McClure in 1988, and three space art pictures.
There are also images of RadioShack's headquarters building in Fort Worth, Texas, and two pictures of people sitting at computers and taped to that image is screenshots of the computers in the first picture.
There is one screenshot of Tandy DeskMate.
Also in this folder were two copies of a page of text describing how to use trademarks and how to correctly caption photos: Courtesy of RadioShack, a Division of Tandy Corporation.




Bethoney, Herb; Borns, Steve; Perlstein, Mark; Martin, Dan D.




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PC Week Art Department photograph collection

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