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Einar K. Anderson collection

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The Einar K. Anderson collection, which ranges in date from 1971 to 1995, contains manuals, published material, software, and media related to working with microcomputers such as the 1042 Alpha Micro. Anderson used computers for processing biological, temperature, and solar data, most of which was collected during a study at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant area.

A quarter of the collection is made up of an Alpha Micro documentation library, which Anderson used along with his 1042 Alpha Micro. About half of the collection is made up of various published materials used primarily for reference. Examples of materials in this portion of the collection include reference books about microcomputers, AutoCAD, and assorted computer operating systems, manuals for software such as SuperCalc, DESQview, BioStat, Kermit, and General Ledger, and periodical compilations, such as Dr. Dobbs Reference Library, Best of Creative Computing, and Best of Byte Magazine. The final fourth of the collection is made up of mixed materials, such as subject files on tide prediction, technical reports, software, and VHS tapes. A technical report of particular note is one written by Anderson and several other authors reporting on their ecological studies at Diablo Canyon Power Plant from 1969 to 1987. Additionally, this portion of the collection holds about 40 floppy disks, most of which are published versions of software such as Microsoft Windows version 3.0, SuperCalc 5.0, DESQview, and BioStat version three. About five floppy disks have handwritten labels and possibly contain data from Anderson’s research. Also included in this part of the collection are eleven VHS tapes ranging in date from 1984 to 1995, with a mix of published and handwritten labels. Most of the tapes appear to be related software, with titles pertaining to Kermit, AM100T system, AMOS, and AutoLog.




Anderson, Einar K.


7.75 linear feet in 4 record cartons, 1 periodical box, 1 newspaper box, and 2 manuscript boxes


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Alpha Microsystems; Biological data; Microcomputers; Tide-predictors

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Einar K. Anderson collection


Gift of Faylla Chapman

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